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The Karategi Kumite Master Athletic can be defined as the most innovative Gi of all the time. Establishes new standards, expecially in terms of cutting and features.

A tight-fitting karate: waisted jacket, the sleeves and legs are narrower.

The cuffs of the jacket are made of elastic fabric, more resistant.

The trousers have an extra elastic, high and soft, no-constricting waistband.

The legs allows you to comfortably wear the shinguards.

Small pocket inside the pants to store the mouthguard.

Traditional, Japanese print inside the jacket, very appealing detail.

Japanese script (“Tokaido” in Japanese Kanjii) embroidered on both shoulders.

Embroidered Tokaido logo.

Multiple inserts in elastic mesh fabric at strategic points of the jacket and trousers, to give durability and freedom of movement.

The cut is suitable for kumite competition. The Gi is approved by the WKF-World Karate Federation.

STYLE: Kumite Competition
Composition: 100% Polyester, without any risk of shrinkage
Weight: lightweight 3,5 ounces, thanks to the combination of lightweight fabric and the Slim Fit cut that reduces excess fabric.

Jacket + Pant with elastic waistband (no belt) + cool gym bag

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